Periodic Inventory Monitoring

1 Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast Data Collection
  • No Interruption of Production
  • Safety
  • Complete and Detailed Data
  • High Millimetre Accuracy
  • Multiple type of Outputs available

2 Updated 2D Plan

  • Maintain an up-to-date 2D map of the site for the use of the engineering department;
  • Used to plan operations, truck routs, siting of generators, siting of equipment's, etc.;
  • Used for reporting to management, stakeholders etc.;
  • Used for reporting to accounting department, banks and financing bodies.

3 3D Mapping of Entire Quarry Site

  • Compiling a 3D map for the entire site by Laser Scanning;
  • Used to enhance visual inspection and support decision making;
  • Used for business planning.

4 Stockpile Survey

  • Perform a volumetric surveys and inventory control;
  • Used for legal and accounting reporting;
  • Used for financial reporting;
  • Used for planning deliveries and collection.