imajview® is a photogrammetric software suite developed to extract GIS data from imajbox® surveys. It allows the exploitation of these readings for transportation infrastructures and utilities inventory, studies and maintenance purposes.

imajview® synchronizes field images with any map content. An integrated photogrammetric tool enables it to extract 3D coordinates and qualify objects with a customizable GIS data model.

imajview® provides flexibility and efficiency for any GIS project

imajview is a photogrammetric and GIS mapping software suite developed to process and use imajbox surveys for transportation infrastructures and utilities asset inventory, study and maintenance purpose. It contains a tool box enabling to perform multi-thematic projects with GIS data. imajview synchronizes imajbox corridor images and any map content.

Discover imajing 3D pro Integrated in imajnet®

Field Viewing Tool
  • Navigation in the surveys. Search by coordinates or LRS.
  • Import existing data layers and overlap with map backgrounds and field surveys.
  • Measurements on maps and in images.
Editing Tool
  • Digitize the environment.
  • Edit and create GIS layers from images or map.
  • Qualify, measure and position objects in 3D.
  • Create a Linear Referencing System (kilometric post + distance).
Production Tool
  • Produce GIS data.
  • Qualify, measure and characterize 3D features.
  • Work either in geographical coordinates or linear coordinates (LRS).

External data

Imajbox surveys
Vector layers
Raster layers
WMS service (OpenStreetMap)


GIS  layers edition
GIS layers creation
3D measurements

Data end-use

Publish online
(images, LRS)
(GIS data, images, LRS)


Field images and GIS data fusion


Multi-thematic projects management


GIS layers import, processing and export


Data Model Customization

LRS Construction

3D Measurements

GIS Data Layers Construction


Other Use

Existing data import
  • imajbox® surveys (trackline, images, panoramic reconstruction).
  • On the fly reprojected vector layers (shape, shape M, shape Z, dxf, geodatabase, kml, osm, tab, spatial database connector - ODBC compatible, edigeo).
  • Raster layers (geo-tiff, ecw).
  • WMS client 1.1 and 1.3
  • OpenStreetMap background maps.
  • External sensors data (csv, iex).


  • Geo-referenced feature layers (points, lines, polygons).
  • imajbox® images.
  • Linear Referencing System in various formats: shape, shape M, shape Z, csv, gpx, kml, png and jpg.
  • Point clouds with imajing 3D Pro.


  • Linear Referencing System (LRS)
  • imajbox® surveys.

Data editing and extraction

  • Imported vector layers merged with images and map.
  • 3D GIS layers (points, lines, polygons) from images.
  • Every created feature can be fully associated with a GIS data model fully customizable according to the project need's.
  • Linear Referencing System (LRS)
  • Calibrated ground ortophoto

3D measurements

  • Photogrammetric tool that enables 3D measurements (width, height, lenght, surface) with a centimetric accuracy.

imajview® was developed to ensure a great efficiency for GIS data processing:

  • Simplify and automate many GIS tasks.
  • Configure a clear and readable interface.
  • Create shortcuts and automation.
  • Select features via thumbnails.
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bits).
  • Minimal requirements: 8 GB RAM / Core i5