About us

SOKCON Services is a Quebec based solutions company specialized in providing traditional surveying, stationary and mobile 3D scanning services, in addition to seismic and structural health monitoring solutions. Our main objective is to forge reliable partnerships with our clients in order to maximize their long term competitive advantage.

Cutting edge technology, industry best practices and a commitment to timely delivery are the foundations on which we strive to reach our objectives.

With extensive experience in surveying and 3D scanning, our professional team adopts a comprehensive approach to projects in the fields of historical archiving, infrastructure inspection, as-built surveys, urban planning, mobile mapping, renovation and remodeling, rehabilitation, structural analysis, volume calculations and GIS mapping.

Our track record has attracted a local and international clientele allowing us to establish a global professional network, therefore reinforcing our leading position in a highly competitive market.

Our team is devoted to a fast, affordable and accurate delivery of projects to our clients wherever they may be.

Monitoring solutions