1 Key Aspects

  • Accuracy of the measurement on all truck types and configurations;
  • Automated scanning where the trucks do not need to stop;
  • Fast computations of the measurement records;
  • Non-contact for low maintenance;
  • Load data collection by manual input or auto fill;
  • Convert volume, cubic meters/cubic yards, to weight;
  • Portable, simple to set up and easy to use.

2 Main Features

  • Fast, accurate load measurement in cubic metres or cubic yards;
  • Non-contact, low maintenance technology;
  • Measure up to 130 m3/170 yd3 per truck/trailer bin*;
  • Suitable for a wide range of loose bulk material load types;
  • Automatic vehicle identification (with optional RFID tags);
  • Load ticket printing;
  • Permanent measurement records;
  • Remote access to records via USB, network, WiFi, cellular or Internet;
  • LoadScanOverViewTM reporting and analysis software.

3 LOADSCAN is perfect for

  • Bark and Mulch

LOADSCAN solutions for the bark and mulch industry provide accurate volume measurements with reporting software for smarter product inventory.

  • Civil Construction

Fully automated on-site measurement in cubic metres or cubic yards. No counting bucket scoops, no weight conversions. Turn problems into profits.

  • Mining Productivity

LOADSCAN combines load measurement technology with mining specific software for increased trucking factors and smarter haulage management.

  • Quarry and Sand Pits

Solutions for rock quarries and sand pits provide an alternative to traditional weigh scales. LOADSCAN makes payload management effortless.

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