imajbox Twin

imajbox® Twin is a smart combination of two imajbox® sized to answer all kind of surveying project for roadways, railways and waterways data collection.

imajbox® Twin is a panoramic mobile mapping system designed like a toolbox for any usage. According to surveying projects requirements, choose the right configuration. Split them in 2 and orient them into any direction, or combine themfor panoramic images.
Whatever the chosen combination, control and launch the whole system from one single Wi-Fi interface via your smartphone or tablet.

Discover all imajbox® Twin configurations and widen your scope of application !

imajbox Twin exists in 2 versions

imajbox Twin S

imajing IMU DX2
GPS+GLO embedded receiver
SBAS/DGNSS corrections

imajbox Twin T

Roadways, railways, canals
imajing IMU DX3
GPS+GLO embedded receiver
SBAS/DGNSS corrections

For more information please read imajbox Twin technical specifications

1 Panoramic surveying

imajbox® Twin can be used as one single system for 120° panoramic surveying.

  • Collect data on wide networks

Highways with many lanes, wide streets, train stations.

  • Know the network and assets

Get an immersive view of the network for virtual navigation and global knowledge of assets

2 Both directions surveying

imajbox® Twin can be split in two and mounted towards front and back of the network.

  • Increase productivity and manage surveying time

Cover both ways with one single passage and optimize surveying trips

  • Focus on vertical equipments

Inventory traffic signs, traffic lights, public lightening and electrical networks localized on both sides of the network

3 Global and detailed surveying

imajbox® Twin can also be used to get a global view of the environment while focusing on targeted details.

  • Front/pavement oriented

Focus on pavement condition

  • Front/lateral oriented

Focus on facades, addresses, sidewalks, shoulders, public lightening, safety equipments, advertisement, vegetation and utilities.