Continuous Production Monitoring

1 Advantages and Benefits

  • Accuracy in material Measurement
  • Reliability
  • Real time
  • Simplicity
  • Unaffected by Wind, Dust, Temperature and Vibration
  • Remote management
  • Control Daily Processing
  • No moving parts

2 Get Near Real Time Data

  • Optical belt conveyor Scale Scans and measures the material in real-time;
  • Wirelessly transmits the data to your handheld device;
  • Download, print or email your measurement results directly to your office or desktop computer.

3 Get History Data

  • The system stores a full year of data, have access to history data directly on field;
  • Build your database of measurements over time, which enables to spot performance trends in your data.

4 Have Control on Production

  • Receiving your data measurements in Excel spreadsheets direct from the field;
  • Review site's production any time;
  • Address operation performance issues as they happen;
  • More accurate projects costs estimation based on specific data and not assumptions.